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Right of Way Services
Today we offer the full array of Right of Way Services, including Environmental, Survey and Mapping/GIS, Asset Management, Program and Construction Management, and of course, Local, State, and Federal Permitting.   Over our history, Kopko Engineering has realized that the right-of-way acquisition phase of a project is the most critical and temperamental phase of the project schedule. We have experience, our right-of-way services staff becomes involved in your project from the beginning in order to identify and address any potential problems associated with the land acquisition phase. This vastly improves the coordination of your project and the timeliness of your project schedule.
Our Right of Way team ensures that clients from a variety of industries receive the most comprehensive and cost-effective right of way services. We have guided full spectrum acquisition assignments for clients to successful conclusion. This includes pipeline right of way, electrical easements and transportation right of way.

Our land professionals gather and analyze data to determine the best solution for your right of way needs, including:


·       Project Management
·       Feasibility Studies
·       Route and Site Selection
·       Title Search and Analysis
·       Document Preparation
·       Right of Way Negotiation and Site
·       Acquisition Assistance
·       Rights of Entry
·       Permitting –local, state, federal
·       Condemnation Support
·       Coordination of Surveying and Mapping
·       Damage and Encroachment Resolution
·       Records Management
·       Site Analysis/Selection and Leasing
·       Construction Monitoring
·       Expert Witness Testimony
·       Litigation Support
·       Public Meeting Facilitation
·       Area Topography
·       Leasehold Position
·       Existing Public Corridors
·       Zoning Requirements
·       Evaluation of Tree Cover
·       Homeowner Dwelling Density
·       Relocation Assistance

In addition to right of way acquisitions, clients will call upon us for assistance to acquire sites for purposes such as:

·       Compressor Stations
·       Tank Farms
·       Substations
·       Valve Sites
·       Repeater Stations
·       Switching Stations
·       River Crossings
·       Equipment Storage Sites
·       Water Storage Tanks
·       Pumping Stations
·       Project Development
·       Railroad Crossings
·       Limited Access Highway Crossings

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